Rich demonstrates, grooves, beats, fills, techniques, hand/feet combos and much more in 24 lessons.



“The Basics” – focus on grip, stroke, technique, tone, dynamics and more.

“The Money Beats” – demonstration of beats that make the world go ‘round.
Rich presents the five beats that every drummer needs to know to develop coordination, sound, and feel.

“Money Beat Variations” – variation of the money beats methodically demonstrated.
Rich uses “Money Beat #2” as a basis for demonstrating new ways to change the feel and “lope” of any groove. 

“The Left Foot” – spotlight on rhythmic use of the hi hat.
Rich shows you how to develop true four-way coordination by utilizing the left foot on the hi hat for it’s maximum potential.

“Classic Fills” – demonstration of classic fills from the last 50 years of popular music.
Rich demonstrates ways to play classic fills in a variety of ways. A springboard philosophy for endless combinations. 

“Classic Fill Combinations” – demonstration of popular fills in backbeat oriented music.
Rich demonstrates a matrix of popular fill combinations and signature hi hat “barks”. Rich may even do a little “rapping” in this video. 

“Fill-osophy” – demonstration of concepts for developing your own radio friendly fills.
Rich demonstrates a matrix of popular, radio friendly fills as inspiration for you to create your own unique voice.

“More Styles Every Drummer Should Know” – a closer look at drum set styles.
Rich demonstrates styles such as country shuffles, blues shuffles, the lindy beat, the motown feel, calypso, soca, mozambique, bossa nova, samba, etc.

“Playing With Loops” – play tight with loops.
Rich addresses this popular concept and demonstrates playing simple and phrasing “around” loops. 

“Percussion” – spotlight on the wild world of percussion.
Rich demonstrates sounds and techniques on brushes, hand drums, cowbells, tambourines and even trash cans…yep…trash cans.

“Djembe and Tambourine” – spotlight on percussion instruments such as hand drums and tambourines.

“Johnny Cash” Fill – demonstration of Rich’s signature fill.
Rich demonstrates the closing signature fill from Jason Aldean’s hit song “Johnny Cash”.

“Double Bass” – Rich shares insights on rhythmic applications for two pedals.
Rich demonstrates “diddle” combinations with the feet to create popular hand and foot combinations. Drive you neighbors insane! 

“Let’s Get Weird!” – focus on using new sonic colors to develop creative sounds.
Rich uses instrument combinations, “found sounds” and sound alterations to create more sonic combinations on the drums. 

“For Ted” (includes Transcription PDF) – A solo tribute to Ted Reed.
A short solo written in tribute to educator Ted Reed. Related in tone to his seminal work “Syncopation for the Modern Drummer”. Demonstrated on snare drum, full drum set and in multiple styles to inspire your own creativity.

“Song Charting: Mock Song” – focus on song charting common song forms.
Rich demonstrates his unique charting technique to quickly learn song forms you will see “A Hundred Thousand” times. 

“Song Charting: The Phrase Chart” – focus on creating phrase charts for studio/live applications.
Rich demonstrates his unique charting system called “phrase charts”, which allow him to quickly play a song perfectly after one listen. 

“Song Charting: The Transcription” – a spotlight on creating note-for-note charts.
Rich demonstrates his technique for writing out exact, detailed charts for studio/live applications. 

“Sounds of the Snare Drum” – focus on creating multiple sounds on your snare drum.
Rich demonstrates how to quickly alter the sound of your snare drums. Rich’s drum tech Jon Hull chimes in with helpful insights.

“Focus On The Drum Tech” – a closer look at the drum tech’s role.
Rich introduces to his long time tech Jon Hull for an insiders look at a tech’s role, responsibilities, relationship with the drummer and career track.

“Showcases” – A peak inside Nashville Showcases.
Rich explains the realities of a typical Nashville industry showcase. 

“Inside The Nashville Studios” – a closer look at Nashville’s studio work flow.
Rich takes you into the belly of Legend’s Studio for a peak at an actual Nashville recording session. 

“The Nashville Recording Environment” – a closer look at Nashville’s studio workflow.
Rich takes you to the iconic Treasure Isle Studios (where ALL of Jason Aldean’s records were recorded) and explains drum miking, song charting and studio etiquette.

“The CRASH Concept” – an in depth explanation of Rich’s time honored concept for successful living.
CRASH is an acronym for attracting success to your personal and professional life. It stands for Commitment-Relationships-Attitude-Skill-Hunger. 


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