DITMW Chapters (ALL 9)


All of Rich’s video lessons, jewels, performances, solos and more all packaged artistically together into 9 chapters!



Chapter One:
Intro Movie to Chapter One
Rich’s Jewels: “Soundchecks”
Intro for “Be Love”
“B. Love” Song Performance
“Beignet” Drum Solo
Lesson: “The Basics”
“Barham” Drum Solo
Rich’s Jewels: “Organization”
Intro for “Star Crossed Love”
“Star Crossed Love” Song Performance
“Billy” Drum Solo
“Nashville: Behind The Scenes” mini feature
“The Nashville Number System” mini feature
“Beware of Click Bleed” extra mini feature
“Explanation of Union Scales and Time Cards”
“Boogie On” Drum Solo
Intro to “Sweet Ride”
“Sweet Ride” Song performance

Chapter Two:
Chapter Two Intro
“Time Bomb” Intro
“Time Bomb” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Time”
“Cahuenga” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Fill-Osophy”
“Con-Fusion” Drum Solo
Intro for “Senseless Birds”
“Senseless Birds” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “The Backline Drumset”
“D Town” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Classic Fills”
“Fish Tacos” Drum Solo
Intro for “Beautiful Life”
“Beautiful Life” Song Performance
“Go Go Naningo” Drum Solo
Rich’s Jewels: “Playing With Tracks”

Chapter 3:
Chapter Three Intro
Intro for “Dancing Girl”
“Dancing Girl” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Own It!”
“Grand Ole” Drum Solo
Lesson: “More Classic Fills”
Intro for “Echo Road”
“Echo Road” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Know The History Of Music”
“Hoppin” Drum Solo
Lesson: “The Money Beats”
“Hurricane Strut” Drum Solo
Lesson: “The Left Foot”
“Iced Coffee” Drum Solo
Intro for “Broken”
“Broken” Song Performance
6 Stroke Roll Solo Examples
“Behind The Scenes in The Recording Studio” mini feature
Rich’s Jewels: “Studio Tips and Tricks”

Chapter 4:
Chapter Four Intro
Intro for “Crank It Up”
“Crank It Up” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Cajons”
“Italian in Rio” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Percussion 1
“Led Sneakers” Drum Solo
Intro for “House of the Father”
“House of the Father” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Shaker”
“Liberty” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Money Beat Variations”
“Lost Angeles” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Percussion 2
“Mamma Dadda” Drum Solo
Intro for “That Kinda Night”
“That Kinda Night” Song Performance

Chapter 5:
Chapter Five Intro
Intro for “She’s Like”
“She’s Like” Song Performance
“Don’t Forget Your Shaker” mini feature
Rich’s Jewels: “Brushes and Rods”
“More Con-Fusion” Drum Solo
Intro for “Anybody Else”
“Anybody Else” Song Performance
“Off The Tracks” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Double Bass”
Rich’s Jewels: “Cymbal Swells”
“Sha-Booga” Drum Solo
Intro for “Might As Well Be Us”
“Might As Well Be Us” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Trash Can Endings”
“Single Doin’ Double” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Let’s Get Weird”
“Skateboarder” Drum Solo
Intro for “Woe Is Me”
“Woe Is Me” Song Performance

Chapter 6:
Chapter Six Intro
Spotlight on Showcases
“Slowfoot” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Drum Tuning
“Smarty Pants” Drum Solo
Concert Snare Drum Solo Performance
“Stickball” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Applying Rudiments to the DrumSet”
“The Brake Up” Drum Solo
Lesson: ‘More Styles Every Drummer Should Know”
“Two Faced” Drum Solo

Chapter 7:
Chapter Seven Intro
“13 O’ Clock” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Charting (“A 100,000 times”)
“A Cuban’s Afro” Drum Solo
“Big Green Tractor” Drum Performance
“Crazytown” Drum Performance
“Dirt Road Anthem” Drum Performance
“Early In The Morning” Drum Solo
“Fly Over States” Drum Performance
“Hicktown” Drum Performance

Chapter 8:
Chapter Eight Intro
“Elvin’Ish” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Charting (“Star Crossed Love”)
“J.B.” Drum Solo
“Johnny Cash” Drum Performance
Lesson: “Johnny Cash Signature Fill”
“Kenton” Drum Solo
“My Kinda Party” Drum Performance
“Night Train” Drum Performance
“She’s Country” Drum Performance
“Latin-Ish” Drum Solo

Chapter 9:
Chapter Nine Intro
“Spang-A-Langin” Drum Solo
Focus on Transcriptions (“Star Crossed Love”)
“The Buddy System” Drum Solo
“Take A Little Ride” Drum Performance
“Tattoos On This Town” Drum Performance
Focus on Drum Teching
“The Only Way I Know” Drum Performance
“The Truth” Drum Performance
“To The Bridge” Drum Solo


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