DITMW Chapter 8


Drum Solos: “Elvin’Ish”, “J.B.”, “Kenton”, “Latin-Ish” Spotlight on: Charting (“Star Crossed Love”) Drum Performances: “Johnny Cash”, “My Kinda Party”, “Night Train”, “She’s Country” Lesson: “Johnny Cash Signature Fill”


Chapter 8:
Chapter Eight Intro
“Elvin’Ish” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Charting (“Star Crossed Love”)
“J.B.” Drum Solo
“Johnny Cash” Drum Performance
Lesson: “Johnny Cash Signature Fill”
“Kenton” Drum Solo
“My Kinda Party” Drum Performance
“Night Train” Drum Performance
“She’s Country” Drum Performance
“Latin-Ish” Drum Solo


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