DITMW Chapter 6


Spotlight on: Showcases, Drum Tuning Drum Solos: “Slowfoot”, “Smarty Pants”, “Stickball”, “The Brake Up”, “Two Faced”, Concert Snare Drum Solo Performance Lessons: “Applying Rudiments to the DrumSet”, “More Styles Every Drummer Should Know”


Chapter 6:
Chapter Six Intro
Spotlight on Showcases
“Slowfoot” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Drum Tuning
“Smarty Pants” Drum Solo
Concert Snare Drum Solo Performance
“Stickball” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Applying Rudiments to the DrumSet”
“The Brake Up” Drum Solo
Lesson: ‘More Styles Every Drummer Should Know”
“Two Faced” Drum Solo


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