DITMW Chapter 5


Intro & Song Performances: “She’s Like”, “Anybody Else”, “Might As Well Be Us”, “Woe Is Me” Mini Feature: “Don’t Forget Your Shaker” Rich’s Jewels: “Brushes and Rods”, “Cymbal Swells”, “Trash Can Endings” Drum Solos: “More Con-Fusion”, “Off The Tracks”, “Sha-Booga”, “Single Doin’ Double”, “Skateboarder” Lessons: “Double Bass”, “Let’s Get Weird”


Chapter 5:
Chapter Five Intro
Intro for “She’s Like”
“She’s Like” Song Performance
“Don’t Forget Your Shaker” mini feature
Rich’s Jewels: “Brushes and Rods”
“More Con-Fusion” Drum Solo
Intro for “Anybody Else”
“Anybody Else” Song Performance
“Off The Tracks” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Double Bass”
Rich’s Jewels: “Cymbal Swells”
“Sha-Booga” Drum Solo
Intro for “Might As Well Be Us”
“Might As Well Be Us” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Trash Can Endings”
“Single Doin’ Double” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Let’s Get Weird”
“Skateboarder” Drum Solo
Intro for “Woe Is Me”
“Woe Is Me” Song Performance



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