DITMW Chapter 4


Intro & Song Performances: “Crank It Up”, “House of the Father”, “That Kinda Night” Rich’s Jewels: “Cajons”, “Shaker” Drum Solos: “Italian in Rio”, “Led Sneakers”, “Liberty”, “Lost Angeles”, “Mamma Dadda” Spotlight on: Percussion 1 & 2 Lesson: “Money Beat Variations”


Chapter 4:
Chapter Four Intro
Intro for “Crank It Up”
“Crank It Up” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Cajons”
“Italian in Rio” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Percussion 1
“Led Sneakers” Drum Solo
Intro for “House of the Father”
“House of the Father” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Shaker”
“Liberty” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Money Beat Variations”
“Lost Angeles” Drum Solo
Spotlight on Percussion 2
“Mamma Dadda” Drum Solo
Intro for “That Kinda Night”
“That Kinda Night” Song Performance


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