DITMW Chapter 3


Intro & Song Performances: “Dancing Girl”, “Echo Road”, “Broken” Rich’s Jewels: “Own It!”, “Know The History Of Music”, “Studio Tips and Tricks” Drum Solos: “Grand Ole”, “Hoppin”, “Hurricane Strut”, “Iced Coffee” Lesson: “More Classic Fills”, “The Money Beats”, “The Left Foot”, “6 Stroke Roll Solo Examples” Mini Feature: “Behind The Scenes in The Recording Studio”


Chapter 3:
Chapter Three Intro
Intro for “Dancing Girl”
“Dancing Girl” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Own It!”
“Grand Ole” Drum Solo
Lesson: “More Classic Fills”
Intro for “Echo Road”
“Echo Road” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Know The History Of Music”
“Hoppin” Drum Solo
Lesson: “The Money Beats”
“Hurricane Strut” Drum Solo
Lesson: “The Left Foot”
“Iced Coffee” Drum Solo
Intro for “Broken”
“Broken” Song Performance
6 Stroke Roll Solo Examples
“Behind The Scenes in The Recording Studio” mini feature
Rich’s Jewels: “Studio Tips and Tricks”


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