DITMW Chapter 2


Intro & Song Performances: “Time Bomb”, “Senseless Birds”, “Beautiful Life” Lessons: “Fill-Osophy”, “Classic Fills” Rich’s Jewels: “Time”, “The Backline Drumset”, “Playing With Tracks” Drum Solos: “Cahuenga”, “Con-Fusion”, “D Town”, “Fish Tacos”, “Go Go Naningo”


Chapter Two:
Chapter Two Intro
“Time Bomb” Intro
“Time Bomb” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “Time”
“Cahuenga” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Fill-Osophy”
“Con-Fusion” Drum Solo
Intro for “Senseless Birds”
“Senseless Birds” Song Performance
Rich’s Jewels: “The Backline Drumset”
“D Town” Drum Solo
Lesson: “Classic Fills”
“Fish Tacos” Drum Solo
Intro for “Beautiful Life”
“Beautiful Life” Song Performance
“Go Go Naningo” Drum Solo
Rich’s Jewels: “Playing With Tracks”


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