DITMW Chapter 1


Intro & Song Performances: “B. Love”, “Star Crossed Love”, “Sweet Ride” Lessons: “The Basics” Rich’s Jewels: “Soundchecks”, “Organization” Drum Solos: “Beignet”, “Barham”, “Billy”, “Boogie On” Mini Feature: “Nashville: Behind The Scenes”, “The Nashville Number System”, “Beware of Click Bleed”, “Explanation of Union Scales and Time Cards”


Chapter One:
Intro Movie to Chapter One
Rich’s Jewels: “Soundchecks”
Intro for “Be Love”
“B. Love” Song Performance
“Beignet” Drum Solo
Lesson: “The Basics”
“Barham” Drum Solo
Rich’s Jewels: “Organization”
Intro for “Star Crossed Love”
“Star Crossed Love” Song Performance
“Billy” Drum Solo
“Nashville: Behind The Scenes” mini feature
“The Nashville Number System” mini feature
“Beware of Click Bleed” extra mini feature
“Explanation of Union Scales and Time Cards”
“Boogie On” Drum Solo
Intro to “Sweet Ride”
“Sweet Ride” Song performance


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